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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Essential Abigail

What you can expect to hear every day:
"Where's bear?"
"Isabelle, do you want to play...."
"Mama, did you see what Hannah did/said?"
"Dada!" (Upon seeing him after a long while.)
"I'm having a hard day" (If she is having a hard 5 minutes.)
"I know, I know!" (When given directions for a chore for the umptieth time that she chose a failed shortcut for.)
"Can I have chocolate milk?"
"Is ______  good for you?"  (She is, at this point, very much interested in healthy food choices.)
"Does ______ believe in God?"
"Isabelle kept me up all night."

Looks:  Has the thickest hair - EVER and doesn't like to wear braids or tails of any sort - they give her headaches.  She wants to grow her hair long so she can have "ballerina" hair.  Still gets stopped all the time because people want to touch her hair.  Has gorgeous fall eyes (different shades of brown with tints of red.  She is a slender girl who moves with grace.  The birthmark on her arm is starting to get darker.  You can actually see it now.  Has lost  6 of her front teeth and regrown 4.  One of her bottom teeth has yellowish weakened enamel.  It is the tooth that was under her baby tooth that she had knocked out as a baby.  The dentist said that eventually she'll need a crown.

Personality:  She is the sunshine in this house!!  There is no doubt about that.  She sings and plays and it seems that all kids in the house ultimately revolve about Abby.  Sometimes that gets too much for her and she wants to just be alone.
She is a fantastic older sister and is making huge improvements on the younger sister part.  Her and Nathan seem to get along much better now that they are so dependent on each other due to homeschooling.
While Nathan is a serious and thoughtful boy for his age (mixed with a lot of mischief), Abby holds on to childhood with all she has.  She is whimsical and loves little kids toys, books, music, movies, etc.
Abby is currently fascinated by humor.  She has me re-read funny parts of a story and re-tells them over and over.  She tries to copy it and this stage is very awkward doing so.  We've had talks about how uncle Matze used to do that and he just had to find his own way, rather than trying to be something he wasn't.  :-)  It was painful for all of us when Matze went through that stage.  :-)

On Books:  L.O.V.E.S. to read.  David and I never thought we'd have a child whom we'd constantly tell to put the book down.   Her favorites are still short and funny chapter books.  For homeschool, I had her start reading the Winnie the Pooh series.   At first she didn't like it as much but now she is really into it.  It helped to get her the audio CDs for read-along to get her started.

On Homeschooling:  She is crazy smart.  She loves art lessons the most, closely following by reading time.  When I read aloud out of any book, be it science or history or a read aloud, she always hunches over my shoulder and feasts on every word with her eyes.  She bears mathematics and seems to enjoy history and science.

On Siblings:  Adores Hannah.  She could tell me all day long what Hannah is doing.  Her and Isabelle have gotten quite a few tiffs lately, probably due to Isabelle having entered a developmental stage where she exercises autonomy.  Abby, who is a strong leader, has a very hard time accepting someone else's ideas where previously there was just her way or the highway.

On Food:  Likes to eat veggies, cheese sticks and cereal.  Likes to drink chocolate milk.  She doesn't really like to drink though.  OJ is ok too.  She tries to make healthy food choices whenever possible.

On Friends:  Her main friends are truly her sisters, Nathan and her cousins Olive and Rosie.  She also plays with Kira from across the street.  Grace is a very dear friend to her.  She still utterly enjoys playing with the Matson girls and squeals with delight when they arrive.  She also enjoys playing with Katiree a lot (she hasn't been able to see her much due to being in school.  Hopefully that will change with homeschooling).  She has also made a few friends at ballet (this year she is with Allie and Elise).  She also enjoys playing with Andrew and Carter and Andrew but hasn't been able to see them in a long time.  Little Nathan is another friend she met through bible study.  Unlike Nathan, she doesn't request play dates with friends yet.

On Sports:  She's not passionate about any sports but likes ballet.

Animals: Loves animals.   "Mr. Nathan!" (Adores our backyard pet squirrel.  Sits for an hour at a time waiting for him and feeding him peanuts.  She will also feed the Scrub Jays in our yard if he doesn't show up.)

Toys:  It's still her and the bear (who now has 2 patches - a pink one and a red one).  Loves little toys.  Now that she has to clean her toys, she at least does not dump them all on the floor anymore.  :-)  Victory!  Oma bought them little sorters for their toys that fit in the new dresser.  It helps them to realize when they are taking out too many toys.  They try to just take out one sorter and that helps them to know it is easily cleaned up.

Electronics:  Loves to play games on the Kindle, her favorites being Minecraft and Temple Run, Smurfs and Ice Age.  Truly enjoys listening to audio stories, such as Jonathan Park, James Herriott's Treasury for Children, Adventures in Odyssey.  As per Abby, she loves the drama and suspense in Jonathan Park.  She does not enjoy The Story of the World as much though.  :-(

Music:  Also loves to listen to music, especially Veggie Tales songs and worship music.  10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman is one of her favorites and so are "All the Heavens" and "I Need Thee Every Hour".

Worth Mentioning:
Get migraines.  Probably also because she doesn't like to drink and I have to remember to make her.  When she does get migraines, they are so bad that she will vomit for half a day.
Is a bottom bunk sleeper.
Is torn: She wants to sleep with Isabelle but she never gets good sleep then.
Wants to be an artist.  But even more so an "animal rescue person".  She explained to us that she'd pick up animals in need and bring them to the vet.  Her dad told her the world is her oyster and she could make up any job that is needed.  All jobs were invented by someone.

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  1. Abigail ist für Ballett geboren sie sieht so hübsch aus