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Monday, October 12, 2015

The Essential Hannah

What you can expect to hear every day:
Nothing.  Nada.  Nilch.  The child does not say a single word.  The closest she gets to anything is "ma" whenever I talk to my mom (Oma).  I've heard her say "Dada" before when she was calling her dad but it was only once.  She's said "mama" before as well but not consistently.  In the meantime she uses an ever so pleasant (yes, I'm being sarcastic) screeching sound to get our attention.  And let me tell you, it works.  Anything to make her stop using it...

Looks:  Another red head!  Her red seems a bit lighter than Abby's.  And she definitely has waves in it.  Not sure if they will turn into curls like Abby's.  I guess only time will tell.  This redhead is one with piercing blue eyes.  It seems those blue eyes are here to stay.  They aren't getting any darker although we know they can still change.  She is not chubby anymore.  Not one bit.  This former chub has slimmed down tremendously.  She's still tall.

Personality:  Hannah is a cheerful baby.  And very obedient.  She strikes me as very smart, much like Abby at this age.  She understands quite a bit and can be reasoned with (as in talked into surrendering the toy in her hand to her sister).  As long as you explain it to her, she will happily oblige and move on.  She loves to be part of whatever her siblings do, especially the girls.  She's a loving baby too, they readily gives out hugs and kisses to adoring siblings.

On Books:  While you might have thought that point would be blank, you are incorrect!  This baby LOVES books.  (Told you she reminded me a lot of Abby.)  Give her a book and she'll instantly sits down to peruse through it.  She has never ripped a page either, which is odd.  Not even when she was real little.  She loves to read books in her bed.  She does it when she wakes up and when she falls asleep.  We found some really neat German Ravensburger books with great illustrations of animals in different habitats.  Some books about color (Leapfrog Curious George and another Ravensburger), two bear books, and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
On Homeschooling:  She is good during the day when I homeschool.  Should a difficult time arrive, there is always the playpen, which she actually thoroughly enjoys to play in.

On Siblings:  Oh, do we ever love our siblings - as long as they do not pick us up when they were not asked to do so.
On Food:  At this stage she eats just about anything (other than tomatoes) and if she can feed herself, it is even better.  Loves grapes and cheerios.  Loves rice milk with chocolate powder.  Mac and cheese and lentil soup are always a go to.
On Friends:  Just her siblings and cousins so far and friends that her siblings have.
On Sports: Couch and chair climbing are a favorite as well as climbing onto the dining table and then getting chased by mom.

Animals:  She loves watching Mr. Nathan through our back door.  She'll pet Copper when I tell her to let him know he was a good boy.  However, she is not happy when he pushes past her.
Toys:  She has the least amount of toys of any baby we've had.  But to be honest, she plays just find with her siblings' toys.  Likes to play with things that she can put in and out, stack, etc.  She loves to put the game pieces in our Connect Four board.  Likes to color with colored pencils.  Stackable blocks.  Isabelle's giant fabric Elsa doll.
Electronics:  None yet.  :-)

Music:  She loves music.  And dances.  Her favorite is Isabelle's Elsa doll that sings a short part of "Let it go."  She'll come to you over and over to turn it on again and then walks off with the doll and dances with her by rocking from leg to leg, snuggling Elsa tightly.  :-)  Very cute.

Worth Mentioning:
We call her Hanny.  Which is kind of funny because now that I spelled it, it is almost spelled like my Opa Hanni.  He was a wonderful and gentle man.
Can follow commands and listens really well.
She is very easy to put down for bed unless she is overtired.
Loves to play with her siblings but hates to be smushed with love.
Is often found looking for Mr. Nathan, our backyard pet squirrel.
Is determined to sit at the big table with the "big" people and not  her high chair.  At the same time, is determined to feed herself all foods.

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