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Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Essential Isabelle

 What you can expect to hear every day:
"Can I have a gum?"
"Can you come with me?"
"I wanna be with you."
"Huggy and kissy!"

Looks:  She has super-straight hair with deep brown eyes, like her brother and like her daddy.  Long eyelashes, deep dark brown eyes.  She loves to get her hair braided (like Elsa).  She's got her daddy's facial shape (and grandma's) and is very petite.  She's my tiny little girl.  And she loves, loves, loves to don a fancy dress.  The fancier, the better.  Her Christmas dresses are worn throughout the week and on a regular basis.  :-)

Personality:  Isabelle is just the sweetest.  Most of the time.  She is starting to yell when she is frustrated. But she is working hard on it and getting better.  Isabelle is at an age where she is asserting autonomy from Abigail.  She is still very much wanting mom around, even if she can easily do things on her own.
On Books:  Her favorites are Little Bear and Berenstein Bears.

On Homeschooling: She has learned all her uppercase letters.  She is a natural at writing.  She, all by herself, figured out how to correctly write most letters.  It is natural for her to start at the top and go from left to right.
On Siblings:  Although her and Abby are figuring things out, they are still like peas in a pod.  She also loves Hanny and sometimes a little too much.  :-)  She gets along well with Nathan, who enjoys having a sister who is ready to wrestle and to run around and jump.

On Food:  She still adores her tiny tea.  Basically a child-version of the Chai Tea Latte from Starbucks in a little (or "tiny" as she calls them) cup.   Loves candy, strawberry milk, grapes, cheese, corn chips, mac & cheese, cottage cheese, and is getting to like Dave's Killer Bread - Sprouted Wheat.  Enjoys helping mom in the kitchen.  We make lunches together and sometimes bake together.

On Friends:  Grace, Bella and Kezia are her friends.   Unlike the two older ones at this age, she talks a lot about her friends and thinks of them often.

On Sports:  She likes to sing and dance.  Would love to do ballet.  She enjoys playing baseball with dad.
Animals:  She does not show a strong love toward animals and also no dislikes.  She enjoys Mr. Nathan, but more so because Abby and Nathan do.  She likes Copper but also gets frustrated because he occasionally runs over her toes.
Toys:  Loves her Elsa doll from grandma.  Also likes all toys in general.  She plays with Playmobil, all of Hannah's toys and mostly with her princesses (like Polly Pockets) with easy to put on dresses.  She'd love to play electronics more, but as the littlest one of the house, she only gets to once or twice a week.
Electronics:  Isabelle would love to have more time on electronics but only gets access once or twice a week.  Unlike the older two, she isn't much interested in watching the others play.  She used to really enjoy ABC Mouse, but that has been discontinued as they played more than they actually learned.  She is starting to enjoy listening to stories on CD (she just got Little Bear).
Music:  Anything Frozen.  She loves to dance "ballet," moves she's learned from Abby.  She does like to listen to Veggie Tales as well.

Worth Mentioning:
Still puts her fingers under her nostrils when she gets tired.  We still don't know why.  We reasoned that it must be some way to deprive herself of oxygen, in return making her sleepy?
Loves Elsa from Frozen.  Talks about her all the time.  I swear I want to "Let it go" but it's just not working....
Is a top bunk sleeper.  Wants to sleep in Abby's bed every night.
Her jobs include feeding the dog, refilling wet wipes, cleaning her room and taking care of herself (getting dressed, brushing her teeth, etc).  And sometimes she is asked to play with Hanny.
Is just a little sweetie-pie and has the cutest little voice.
She's very light and petite.

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  1. Christine , in dem roten Autfit sieht Isabelle
    Lorena sehr ähnlich hihi