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Monday, October 5, 2015

The Essential Nathan

What you can expect to hear every day: 
"Can I have candy?"
"How many?"
"Can I have the Kindle?"
"Can I have an ice cream?"
Stomping his feet and doing a "Hulk" impression with his arms when he is unhappy
"I'm not happy."
"I love you, mama." accompanied with a great hug.
"Can a friend come over?"

Looks:  Has really thick hair.  It gets wavy when it is allowed to grow out.  Gorgeous dark, dark eyes with long eye lashes that are dark as well.  Has lost and regrown most of his front teeth, bottom and top.

Personality: Nathan is a very active boy.  He has to move.  He has to be in sports or he literally bounces off the walls.  Literally.  I found it funny that after writing that I realized the majority of pictures chosen for this post show him quietly sitting or resting.  Don't let it fool you!  He has a good heart and wants to work hard.  He has not yet learned how to deal with failure.  At the slightest sign of failure (be it behavior or other), he panics and gets utterly frustrated.  He has gotten quite a bit better and is working on it.  Us realizing this probably helps too.
He has a good sense of humor but as is typical for his age, sometimes he doesn't know when to stop.  :-)
He likes to snuggle and he likes to get tugged in at night.  He's a lovely boy who likes to laugh (albeit we haven't quite passed the potty humor phase...)

On Books:His favorite books right now are Minecraft handbooks and the Warrior series.

On Homeschooling: Enjoys homeschooling and thrives on routine.  Likes to have a set schedule and cannot handle it when routine is not happening.

 On Siblings: Loves the baby and wants to carry her around.  He is getting along with Abigail much better although the two substantially different personalities still clash.  Homeschooling has definitely helped them become a team.  He loves his Isabelly.  He enjoys her wild side and active side.  They make it easy for him to play with her.  Isabelle loves to follow Nathan's lead and does enjoy to roughhouse with him.  Wishes he had a brother too.

On Food: Likes to eat meat, candy and corn chips.  Not much else.  Likes to drink would be rootbeer, apple juice, smoothies or frappucino.

On Friends:  His best friend is still William and that is the one thing he misses from school.  All the boys to play with during recess.  William and Nathan have known each other since pre-school.  His mom and I went to the same bible study and that is where they met and played (actually William was the only boy Nathan played with - he was so shy then).  When they started school they happened to end up in the same class!  They have been close friends ever since.
Nathan also likes to play with our neighbor boy Treuce who lives at the end of our road.  Nate, whom he knows through baseball, is also a constant buddy during baseball season.
There are other friends he has like Tate, Zane, Carter, Evan, Andrew, Owen and others that we don't get to see very often as Nathan was busy at school and in sports.  Now that we are homeschooling, that will hopefully change.
Nathan keeps a few boys really close.  While he likes to play with kids, he doesn't form close friendships easily.

On Sports:  Baseball has become his favorite sport.  He's worked hard the last few years and has become a good little player.  He loves being a leader on his team and he listens well most of the time.  Although he'd like to try his hand at flag football.  He chose baseball this fall, so maybe next year.  He will also wrestle occasionally this year as we really don't want him to be a one sport kid.

Animals:  Copper is truly loved by this boy.  He likes to have him in his room when he sleeps.  Although we don't let him call Copper his own.  And therefore he wants a dog or other pet all of his own.

Toys:  While he prefers electronics these days, mom won't let him play as much as he wants to.  Therefore Legos and toy guns will do.  He is also enjoying board games.  He is old enough now to play Ticket to Ride (which brings him great joy) and his favorite card game is Catan.  He has given up on trying to play Stratego with Abby and myself (we are not fans).  His ultimate favorite way to play is with his sisters.  :-)  He loves to play with them the most.

Electronics:  Loves to play Minecraft on the Kindle.  If it was up to him, he'd play electronics all day.  Unfortunately he is limited to 1/2 hour per day and 1 hour on the weekend.  I wish it was less.  At times, he does get to watch TV with his dad at night

Music:  Nathan never cared much for music.  Although lately he is asking me to download music on my phone.   This could have something to do with his recent obsession with electronics more than him actually enjoying music.

Worth Mentioning:
Likes to wrap up in his Denver Broncos blanket although it is probably much too thin.
Is obsessed with anything electronic (laptop, phone, Kindle).  He wants to borrow my phone to take random pictures, etc.
Does NOT understand that we do not have a smartphone.  This has been truly amusing to David and I.  We keep explaining it all to him but he just doesn't understand that I only have a phone with a touch-screen and a little keyboard.
He is doing great with his daily chores (unfortunately only thanks to the Kindle time promised at the end)

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