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Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Caterpillar

While playing football outside with his uncle, Nathan found a caterpillar and brought it inside.  He wanted to keep it for a pet.  I told him that was ok for a day or two.  Sure enough, by the next morning the little bugger had started to make a cocoon.  We looked up real quick what he was and figured out that we were to expect a moth.  The pictures aren't great but the cocoon was completely open on the plastic side.  That allowed for us to see the whole transformation.  At first I wasn't completely sure the thing hadn't died and was rotting as it turned partially black and then slowly all the way black.  I figured we had nothing to lose, so we'd keep it a little while longer.  Shortly after the cocoon started to look like a real cocoon.

The kids visited multiple times each day and wondered when our moth would appear.  And as was fitting for Halloween, here is what we found when we returned from Trick-Or-Treating:

The kids were delighted.  Maybe they secretly wondered if the moth was alive in that black thing just like their mother.  To be honest, I'm still surprised it came out ok.
We went outside and set the little guy free.  He or she, in full moth fashion, went straight to our light outside.  Cool.

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