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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Fall Endings

The last days of fall were beautiful, warm and sunny days out here.  That was pretty unusual so late in the season (well into November).  Because of that, we are still not quite mentally ready for Christmas right now (it is still not the cold, rainy and dreary weather that we usually have this time of year).    However, the kids are embracing Christmas being in 4 days (although they still look at me in disbelief).  Much is different this year, especially with homeschooling.  So things are a bit different, I guess, even for them.

Two book worms together.  Hannah, just like Abigail, LOVES books.  She'll run around all day carrying books and stopping any and everybody.  When they sit down with her and ready, she's the happiest of babies.  :-)  Particularly when she can steal moments with her dad, who can't seem to say no to such a sweet request.  Her favorite book?  "The Little Drummer Boy" by Ezra Jack Keats, probably because we sing it.  Another one both her and Isabelle love is a Hallmark book of "Twas the Night Before Christmas" that Dad, myself, Nathan and Abby recorded for Isabelle last year.

Days spent outside.  See the frost on the ground and at the same time there was this gorgeous sun.  A few days later there was a tornado that went through the town north of us!  Crazy.  
Abby is so very good about playing with little Hannah.  While her and Isabelle are having issues of sharing (Isabelle is no longer blindly following Abby but has become quite strong-willed on her own).  And Hannah just enjoys them playing with her.
Sweet days of fall...

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