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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Fun with Clay

Abby found her love for polymer clay a few months back.  Alas, polymer clay is not cheap!  So our supply is limited, especially for a girl who can go through a pound in a day.  Thankfully her birthday provided her with a nice supply by Oma.  The set you see is a Klutz set that comes with a bracelet, instructions, colored clay, glaze and hangers for the finished charms.  Abby loved it and went to town.  She literally made all these and many more in just two days!  Thank you, Oma!
P.S.: The pictures are terrible as my only lense wouldn't focus.  But at least there is a record of these for Abby....

A little penguin.

Rainbow with clouds

The cutest flying pig ever.

Chocolate chip cookie.

Hot dog with condiments.

A lizard.

Ice cream bar (blue and white), various ice cream cones, a lollipop, another hot dog, a cookie with sprinkles, not sure what the two on the right side were.

Abby always amazes me.  She learns so quickly and really comes up with some amazing things when she puts her mind to it.  These are just the first half of her charms.  When this girls focuses on something, she is really intense about it.  She will do it for a long time and really learn it.  I can't wait to see how God will use this tenacity in her life later on.  It is a strong character trait for her, so I know it will be used by him!

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