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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Going To The Mailbox

Since the weather has been so nice, Hannah and myself walked to the mailbox.  She got all dressed up in her jacket and knitted hat (Love this pattern: "Mock Cable Hat" on  I started to knit it for her before I ever knew she was a girl.  Before knowing she was a girl, I had this hunch she would be a boy.  So much so that the knitted baby clothes were all  in blue.  Turned out she was a girl, but one with the brightest blue eyes, so all the blue hats still look fantastic on her.  :-)

All ready to go and excitedly marching to the front door.  Love those black boots on her and the little frilly skirt.  It's one of those outfits that you put on your child even though they are two sizes bigger by now. 

Hanny in wonder of the outside.

Our mailbox is right in front of this beautiful Japanese maple.  The vivid red it is in the fall is just breathtaking, especially against the complementary green grass.  Hanny sat there and played for a while.

Don't you just love how babies and children see the world so different.  We just walk to the mailbox  but to her, it was a trip full of wonder.  She sat under that tree for the longest time, just absorbing it all.  She didn't even touch for a while and just looked, listened and smelled.  Kids are just the best!

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