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Sunday, December 20, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

As has been the case lately, we stink at taking pictures on holidays....  Here was a short period where we took a few pictures:
Fancy hair for the special day.  Isabelly still loves Elsa and wanted to have an Elsa braid.  That challenged my hair making skills to the limit but we got it done.  Unfortunately, her fine, straight hair will last about 2 hours and then fall completely apart....

Have I mentioned how much I love Hanna Andersson?  I was so fortunate to find 3 of my favorite dresses at our local second hand store.  They were in excellent condition (until Isabelle put a big fat black dry-erase marker spot on hers).  If you know how to get that out, please let me know!  The girls love these dresses because they twirl so pretty.  And they make them looks ever so much more adorable.  Isabelle has been wanting to dress up pretty just about every day.  She puts on dresses, lets me do her hair and is dancing and posing all day.

Wish we had the time and money to put her in ballet.  Just look at the pose!

My tired Elizabethan beauty.  

Abby's pretty purple dress.  It was fitting as we had just learned about purple dye that the Phonecians made - out of snails.  And it stunk quite a bit.  Yuk.  The dye.  Not the dress.  The dress is gorgeous on Abby.  She just looks really good in bold colors.

Abby actually let me do her hair on this day.  Pigtails was her style of choice.  And of course, always the bear in her hand.  

The table setting for breakfast.  In the background you can see some of the awesome pictures that Abby drew in her homeschool co-op doodles class.  She had the most fun teacher ever.  I would have loved to have taken that class.

Stealing Hannah's hair band, because, let's face it, it matches her dress better than Hannah's.

Lovely little Abby.

Breakfast.  Cranberry bread that Grandma made.

The boy.  Ever the helper these days.  He takes care of all the garbage.  I love that!  He is really a great helper and great company.

The beloved kids table.  My mom bought this when she was here last and it has worked out so great during holiday gatherings.  The kids made their own tea party with a few borrowed snacks.  

Hannah and the baby dolls.  They are beloved.  She usually carries two at the same time.  Maybe practicing for the twins she'll have?  

Dick and Jennifer were here for Thanksgiving as well.  We love it when they come over, they are part of the family.  Jennifer had just gotten back from her trip to Hawaii.  This time she did not get robbed.  Last time someone broke in her car and took all her things, passport, tickets, money, everything.  Thankfully she made it home.
Grandma sitting next to Jennifer.

We had another great Thanksgiving this year.  It is always so very nice to get together with family.  And the kids just love these holidays now. They do love seeing their aunt and uncles but more so than anything, they love their little cousins and can't wait to see them.  So much so that it sometimes causes as lot of fighting as to who gets them.  Like they are toys.  Last time it worked out nicely though and I think they are starting to figure it out.

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