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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Oh That Hanny! Part II

Hannah is just getting into all sorts of trouble these days.  Mostly because she is too smart for her own good!!!
Let's look at the evidence:

Exhibit 1:
One day I peeked out from the kitchen and saw little legs dangling from a storage table.  When I turned around the corner, I saw this:

Just look at the cuteness!  She had pushed her riding ladybug in front of the playpen, used the playpen to climb unto the table and seated herself happily on the storage desk.  She was quite delighted when I found her there and wiggling her little chubby legs and tiny toes.  Goodness!  I want to smooch her....(she's in bed right now, lucky for her!)  Just look at that smile and look of pride on her face.

 Exhibit 2:
While cooking in the kitchen, the following was observed:

Mind you, this is nothing unusual.  Hannah empties my mom's spice packs once a day.  Grrrrrrr.  However, on this particular day, she wanted to get in there.  So she emptied the whole thing.

Planning, measuring, weighing...  Nope, top part of this cabinet will not do.
Look at those cheeks!

Oh!  But the bottom part is perfect!  I can climb in there and have a place to sit in.  This is awesome!  
And just look at all that cuteness.  Baby butt, tiny chubby toes, squishy legs, pink all over.  This is the whole reason God makes them so irresistible.  Otherwise they may have to look for new lodgings after creating all their messes every day.

Nathan just walked by, saw the post and got such a kick out of this picture.  :-)  He adores that little tiny redhead.  As her doctor once said (with irony): "It's such a sad thing that no one loves her."

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  1. mein lieber Mann, die hat für alle 3 den Schabernack mit.

    ja das hat sie schon immer gerne gemacht, mußte so lachen als ich ihr ärschelche sah