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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Gingerbread House 2015

A much anticipated tradition in our house is the Gingerbread house.  While they love the decorating, they most certainly love the candy.    Either way, it is a beloved thing to do.  I've never even attempted to bake our own gingerbread house, we just end up buying them.

Nathan started by setting up the house.  We got ours at Costco this year and it was a nice set. 
Isabelly is very fascinated by all her older siblings do.

Abby, my little monkey, loves to sit on the table while she works.  Isabelle followed her lead.  The cookies on the table are from Germany and were for immediate consumption.    

By now the German licorice had made it into a bow as well (see by Isabelle's feet).  Surprisingly the kids at all of them (almost).
Nathan had worked to make icing icicles.  Abby was much impressed by this.

Yes, he needs a haircut very badly.  Or should I say a shear?  His hair is thick like wool. 

Isabelle, all dressed to the nines again.  Her face was wounded by our excited dog, as he jumped in the car's back seat, where Isabelle was already sitting.  She was really upset about that.

Abby singing to herself during our decorating session.

The finished house.  This is Nathan's side.  Admire the icicles!

Abby's side.  Lovingly decorated windows and a nest of jelly beans (a winter garden).  And as was fitting for Abby, lots of hearts.

Isabelly's side.  She did not discriminate against any candies at this point.  They all went up on the house.

But they had even more fun munching on the house a few days later...  :-)

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