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Saturday, January 2, 2016

Birthday Time

David's birthday this year seemed as though it would be disappointing.  You see the one thing he looks forward to all year long is crab.  Dungeons crab, lots and lots of it.  A two-day feast, shared with his family.  Because it is expensive, he gets it once a year and it is the highlight of his birthday.  He starts drooling a month before.  
But not so in 2015.  Just a few weeks prior to David's birthday the biggest toxic algat bloom hit the West Coast and closed down crab from here.  By David's birthday some stores had limited amounts from Alaska, but you paid a fine price for it.  It was up to $12.99/lb compared to the usual $4.99/lb!  There was not going to be grab.  So sad.
Then, on the morning of Dave's birthday, my mom and I made a decision.  We were just going to get some anyway.  We had put money set aside for it already and who cares how much crab we were going to get for it?  It was a gift after all.  Plus, the local place where we usually get our seafood just got fresh crab in the night before and had boiled them that morning.  Exactly how David likes it.  Off I went and got that men of mine some crab!  Of course pretending to go to Fred Meyer to get the ingredients for his beloved Pico de Gallo.  Abby and myself went on this secret mission and man was David excited when he realized what we had gotten him.  And so was Isabelle.  :-)  You see, she too loves crab oh so very much.  She is her daddy's girl.
All in all, his birthday was another lovely day.  The kids loved playing with their cousins and are figuring out how to play so that the only boy in the family has fun too.
We loved having our loved ones over and celebrating with them.  We had lasagna while David feasted on his crab, sharing with whomever wanted some.  And this year each and every crab was fantastic.  Go Alaska!

Don't ask.  She was trying to be Captain America but it looked more like a fake wrestler to me.  And she was helping me cook, therefore wearing her apron.  I have been trying to make more of an effort to have Abby and Isabelle help me in the kitchen.

Birthday boy and the baby.  She doesn't look like a baby anymore...  Holding her precious Magi-Clip princesses.  Still has a little baby fat on her though.  And is still not saying a word....  Not even for daddy's birthday.

Hmmmmmm....Crab!  Yum, yum.  Ever since I was pregnant with Isabelle, I love crab stomach.  Before that it was just ok.  Of course now that it is expensive, I could eat it all day long.  David making sure it is really clean and washing them again.
Side note: I love that shirt on my man.  :-)

Megan playing the piano.  She is very good at it and it was lovely to hear her play.

Chessman.  Nathan loves to play chess.  All Ws do.  All that are born being a W at least...  This is the set his Grampy gave him one year and it travels, which is nice.  Nathan is also playing a lot on, a really neat chess website for kids.  It teaches and lets you safely play.  And of course he has the Kindle with him.  I can find my phone (it's not even a smartphone! and the Kindle close to him at all times).  So far, he still only gets 30 minutes a day after a good behavior day and good school day.  He also needs to do all chores first.

Love this picture.  This is a tradition that David started.  The birthday person sits down at the table when all the lights are dimmed.  Then the candle on the cake is lit and brought out, accompanied by a load of kids, and we all sing "Happy Birthday".  Then the kids and the birthday person make their wish and all blow out the candles together.  This also makes for great candle-lit, kid-gathered photo ops!

It was another crab-heavy birthday, a success in David's book.  We all got our one or two crab stomachs as well, which made everyone happy.  I keep telling David that he shouldn't have made us all like crab so much, we were all happy to not eat it.  But he doesn't mind.  That is what I love about him.  He doesn't think the way people usually do.  He loves sharing so much more.
Happy birthday to the most awesomest husband!  I love you.

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