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Friday, January 8, 2016

Christmas Day 2015

To say that our kids were excited, is a big understatement.  They were so excited and it was hard for them to wait until they could go down.  They had to get dressed first!  And then wait for dad to be ready to film them unpacking their stockings.  Torture, people!  But they made it and rushed down to find out weather or not Santa came that year.  It was funny because Nathan is in a stage were he doesn't believe in Santa but then second-guesses his decision again.  He kept asking if Santa was going to bring him coal this year (as is typical for a 9-year old, he had some not so pretty moments this year).
Although most of the pictures are from unwrapping presents, the best part of our day was spending it with family.  I loved that my husband was off for a few days (although he did catch of bug of some sort and wasn't feeling well).  But man, is it nice when he is off work!  And then of course all our extended America family is here, which is always so much fun and the kids just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their cousins.
The kids wake up and we all get dressed and ready.  Then we head downstairs to see if Santa, who is celebrating Christ's birth, has left any presents.  Santa usually leaves us a note, cookie crumbs and lots of goodies, including the obligatory orange, candies, little games and for mom, that wonderful man always seems to leave my favorite wax tarts.  :-)  
After giving the kids some time and sitting with them, Grandma and myself start a pretty big breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, potatoes with onions and bell peppers, pancakes (or popovers this year), toast, breakfast sausages and some random sweet breads or other holiday goodies.  We eat around 10am and after breakfast is cleared, IT BEGINS....
Yep, hours upon hours of opening presents.  While us adults have really zeroed in on giving only one present per person instead of 3 or 4 little presents for the same person, the kids are now giving presents to everyone as well.  And let me tell you, Joe, they are good at it!  My favorites this year: Nathan giving his cousins a bedtime story with hot cocoa, then emptying their mom's dishwasher and put dishes away and giving their soda-loving father (his uncle) his favorite soda.  Abby treating Nathan to a McFlurry (made his day!) and gifting her uncles a platter of their beloved popovers.  Isabelle thoughtfully making crafts for 2 weeks for everyone.  So sweet!  And the kids made the nicest coupons to present their gifts.  Very special and made mama proud.

Abby gifting me a rock and Nathan gifting his dad a plush doll from his favorite baseball team.

Isabelly loves it when I knit her a "knitted shirt" and also my first pair of knitted socks.  Funny story, I started this one when I was pregnant with Hannah....  Well, thanks to my larger gauge, it fits!

My yearly photo calendar for dad, always a hit.  

Grandma wanted a knitted hat with this particular yarn.

Hanny just so excited over Grandma's gift to her.  So many buttons to push!

I just love her faces on these pictures.  Priceless!

Giving a high-five to dad and looking excitedly at Isabelle, as if to say "Hey sis!  We scored with this toy!"

Just the cutest photo!  Deep concentration.

Such a sweet gift!  Nathan gifted me a small box with the word "love" on it.  He then wrote me the sweetest note and put it inside.  He gifted it with the promise to write a love note for mom every year. 

Abigail was really dissapointed to get this stuffed animal.

She really hated them.  NOT!

The dog wondering what all this craziness is.

Just love the expression!

Sweet tired baby.  It's always awesome when a toy works out for more than one kid!

My lovebug from David.  :-)

Grandma with Olive and Rosie.  They are getting so big.  Not allowed!

Another tired baby.  Or maybe just faking it so dad will hold her.  :-)

Lovely little Rosie.

Uncle Chris gave Hanny this kitty that moves.  Hannah adores it and I'm pretty sure she is convinced it is a real cat.  

The king!  Isabelle new fabric crown is great fun for her and dad.

Olive and Rosie in their matching Frozen dress-ups.  They never took them off that night.  Hanny still petting her little kitty.  Isabelle just taking it all in.

And that is what it is all about:  family and love.  How much better does it get?  These are the good years for us, all being together and no one being sick, the kids being at great ages.  Surely it won't always be this way, but at least we can always savor these moments.

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  1. Super Bilder schön das du schnell weihnachtsbilder reingesetzt hast es fehlt noch abbys Geburtstag HIHI