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Saturday, January 16, 2016

Christmas Questionnaire 2015 - Much Belated

Favorite Song - Jingle Bells (he can play that on the piano)
Favorite Candy - Skittles (I guess they finally won out after last year's tight call)
Favorite Cookie - Chocolate Chip (Still not a Christmas cookie...)
Favorite Show - Prep and Landing
Favorite Light Color - Neon Green (Is that even Christmas????) then changed to: Light Yellow
Favorite Tradition - Watch Christmas Movies
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Cocoa
Fake Tree or Real - Real
Favorite Board Game - Carcassonne
Favorite Christmas Book - 
Favorite Tree Ornament - Nathan's First Christmas (our special series of special event ornaments)
On My Wish List - Kindle, Nerf Guns, Board Games
Favorite Advent Activity - Sing Christmas songs by the fire

Favorite Song -  Deck the Halls
Favorite Candy - Spekulatius cookies (German Spice Cookie, crispy)
Favorite Cookie - Grammy's Thumb-print cookies (They're delicious!) 
Favorite Show - The Santa Clause 3 
Favorite Light Color - Silver 
Favorite Tradition - "Having other people open my presents to them"
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Mommy's hot cocoa 
Fake Tree or Real - My pink fake tree
Favorite Board Game - Story Dice 
Favorite Christmas Book - The Nutcracker
Favorite Tree Ornament - "The one I got at the Christmas Expo with all the snowmen painted on it."
On My Wish List - American Girl dogs, coloring book, crafts, books, toys
Favorite Advent Activity - Sing Christmas songs by the fire

Favorite Song - Jingle all the way
Favorite Candy - chocolate bears that were at a local store
Favorite Cookie -  The one with the spicy round things on them (Gingerbread people with Red Hots buttons)
Favorite Show - Little People
Favorite Light Color - Pink! I mean red!  Red is very Christmassy.  
Favorite Tradition - Go to Grampy's house
Hot Cocoa or Tea - Hot chocolate
Fake Tree or Real -  A real tree like we get downstairs
Favorite Christmas Book - the book upstairs I was pretending to read, the baby Jesus
Favorite Tree Ornament - Hannah's rocking horse (from Oma)
On My Wish List - American Girl Doll puppy, American Girl Doll (Kaya), Elsa doll
Favorite Advent Activity - Play board games

Favorite Song - Little Drummer Boy (Book By Jack Ezra Keats - she made us sing it every day)
Favorite Candy - Any!
Favorite Cookie - Any!
Favorite Show - Whatever my siblings laugh at.
Favorite Light Color - 
Favorite Tradition - So much candy!
Hot Cocoa or Tea - cold chocolate milk
Fake Tree or Real - Both!
Favorite Christmas Book - Little Drummer Boy
Favorite Tree Ornament - Any I can grab
On My Wish List - Candy
Favorite Advent Activity - The elf itself and the snowman Snowy (stuffed animal)

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