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Friday, January 1, 2016

Goodwill Goody

 I just love finding neat things at Goodwill.  I've been looking for a jar of good buttons for a while.  Whenever I knit something and need buttons, they are always so expensive.  Goodwill usually carries those but usually all their buttons are small and those ugly plastic craft ones.  Nothing special that you would put on a pretty knitted thing.  And there are never bigger buttons. 
On this particular visit I got lucky.  Not only did I find a perfectly mixed button jar, the jar itself was really cute and old(er).  Things with a history (although unknown) are just so much more fun.  And just so much different from what is out there in the stores.  Little things like this just delight me to no end.  :-)  
Oh, and it was dirt cheap.  What more can you want in a treasured find?

Awesome old jar!

Great variety in sizes and colors.

Pretty little buttons, and so many of them!  Truly girly and something I can picture on something knitted for Abby or Isabelle.

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