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Monday, January 25, 2016

Just Some Day To Day

Couldn't find Hannah for a while and found her in the most unusual spot:  Hiding behind her high chair.  This time she didn't answer me at all when I called her, so I knew that she was doing something she knew she shouldn't.  She had stolen Nathan's little Gameboy and had turned it on.  I told Nathan and he looked at it and said she was actually playing and moving the little guy in the game around.  That worm!

Yep, you're caught!

Hannah has also been enjoying playing with the Tag.  Maybe that will help trigger talking.  She still doesn't say a word, not even "Mama" or "Dada".

Nathan and Abby during "Story of the World, Volume 1".  We listen to it twice.  Each time one of the kids is reading and the other one coloring or mapping.  Then they switch.  Mapping just occured to me the other day.  We look at the map every single time and it seems they don't remember.  When grandma got us tracing paper for Christmas, it all became clear.  And they seem to enjoy it.  Even Abby who is usually a free spirit when it comes to her art work, loves this and made the most beautiful map of the Mediterranean.  We love history!

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