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Friday, January 15, 2016

Like my big sister

Isabelle LOVES Friday School. She thinks it is real school.  :-)  She loves everything about it.  Her friend Kezia is there, she has a lovely teacher, they do fun stuff, she has PE, she gets to take her brother's backpack (although she isn't crazy about the Star Wars theme), she gets a much anticipated lunch box.  All in all, it's an all-around great deal.
She was pretty sad when it was over for winter break.  But thankfully her awesome teacher let her take her binder home with lots of activities to do with her dry erase marker at home.
Isabelle is happy to sit for hours working on her book.

Tracing and explaining it to me at the same time.  

Well Hannah sees how much fun Isabelle is having, so she wants to do that too!

Look at that concentration.

And more concentration....

Not enough concentration.  Thank goodness for dry erasers.

It is just really neat to see them both focusing and working hard and loving being next to each other.  Hannah has such unique relationships with all of her siblings, but the one with Isabelle is the one I love to watch the most.  Maybe because Isabelle has never been an older sister and it gives her so much confidence.  It is sweet to see how caring she is and how concerned for Hannah's safety (she still freaks out every single time Hannah puts anything in her mouth when mom is not around).  And it is just so sweet how much Hannah wants to imitate her big sister.

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  1. Isabelle malt aber schon sauber
    und Hannah sehr conzentriert hihi