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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Oh That Hanny! Part IV

I guess Hanny has her own series: How much trouble can a baby cause?
On this particular day she locked herself in the dog kennel.  Then she whined.  So I mistakenly thought she wanted out.  Big mistake!  She yelled at me like a maniac.  Nothing like a maniac baby yelling at you before you had your second cup of coffee!  She didn't stop until I locked the kennel again.  Then she was happy and proceeded to read her very interesting tag book (Curious George telling about the primary colors - it's a real nail biter...).
Eventually she let herself out and the dog was finally allowed to get back in his cave.  Poor dog.  Now he can't even have privacy in his cage anymore.  Kids everywhere!

Personal reading time - Please don't disturb or else!

Don't give me that smug baby look!  

Don't even think about coming over here again, Lady!  I'll scream at you!

Don't make me put this book down.

Finally!  Geez, how long does it take the lady to get a hint?


  1. HIHI das ist der idealste Platz für Hannah
    da hast du sie unter kontrolle

    1. Genau! Vertrauen is gut, Kontrolle is besser!