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Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Big Brother Love

Hannah has a really simple bedtime routine and she's a great baby to put to bed.  She gets a fresh diaper, PJs and a little story.  Then she gets tucked into her bed and we make a fuss because she's using Dada's pillow.  She's snuggled into her blanket, gets some books and on occasion a stuffed animal.  That's it.  She'll read for a while, sometimes up to an hour, but quietly.
On one particular night Nathan just thought Hannah was so cute, that he couldn't tear himself away from her.  So he opted to read her a story.  Or two.  Possibly three.  It's hard to tear yourself away when you are being adored.  Hannah adores her siblings and having Nathan snuggle with her in her bed, was just the best.

Just look at the adoring looks she gives her brother.  And Nathan has happiness written all over his face.

Goodnight Moon to start the night with.

On to Alice in Bibleland.  Hannah has such great expressions on her face.

Nathan becoming aware of her adoring looks and loving every minute of it.

Nee-nee (as well call him since Isabelle could not pronounce his name when she was little) and Hanny giggling.

Having a big brother is just the best!  Love is the greatest.

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