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Tuesday, April 12, 2016


I love me some chalkboards.  The fake kind with markers.  :-)  However, my handwriting is lacking quite a bit (apparently German's don't put much emphasis on that, or at least at the school by my old home didn't).  Nevertheless, we decorate with them.

Abby wrote this for me.  The kids should be reminded of this daily, that they are a workmanship for good work.

Not a chalkboard but looks similar.  It is from French Press Mornings.  I love them.  You used to be able to just print them (that is not the case anymore).  Bible verses and pretty backgrounds are my very favorite decoration.

This is from Doorposts, one of their coloring books.  

This was from Kim Sorgius's blog, Not Consumed.  I loved those 3 questions and reference them often.

This is a great reminder of what our speech should represent.  THINK before you speak.

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