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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friendship Week - Melissa

Originally I started these posts according to who we visited with but then I realized that Melissa was in Texas during spring break and I really didn't want to go on without a post for her.  So the titles of previous posts are now changed to "Friendship Week" rather than "Spring Break Friendship Week".  :-)
Melissa and I got wayyyy back.  Nathan and Carter made acquaintances at a very young age.  They were about 6 months old (Nathan is a few months older), so that puts us at 9 years ago.  We were part of a Mom's club that has since dissolved and most of the ladies have moved away.  Melissa and her family toyed with the moving idea a few times as well but thankfully, they've always ended up staying here.
Melissa is a really level-headed, smart woman and I love that we are going through the same phases of parenting together.  It is nice to know your kids aren't crazy or unusual in their temper tantrums or other such things.  :-)  So many times, especially in early parenting, we would meet up all wide-eyed and thinking we've lost it only to find out that the other was going through the exact same behaviors.  Sometimes knowing that some strange and obnoxious behavior is just a phase, is just so relieving (hello tantrums!).  We always leave each other refreshed, encouraged, and happy.  :-)
What I love most about Melissa is her servant's heart.  She loves Christ and serves him wherever she can, whether she is leading her churches' Vacation Bible Camp or taking care of her husband's sick grandma.  It doesn't matter how busy she is with her own life (and life is busy with 3 boys and 2 of them being in sports), she always has time to help.  And on top of that, she never forgets your special days and shows up on your first homeschooling day with dinner!  Yep, pretty awesome.
Melissa always inspires me to be a better servant and a better friend.

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