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Friday, April 1, 2016


As the daughter of a hair stylist, you'd expect fantastic hair in my house, right?  Nope.  I think I am in a way my mom's worst nightmare.  Well, there was a phase as a teenage where I really loved my hair getting dyed bright red and wore it short and stylish.  But other than that, it was always a fight.  My hair is thick and likes to knot.  When I was little it was such a pain to comb it, that my chopped it when I was about 10.  It was short until the day Dave married me.  Ever since, it has been growing and long.  But what to do with my hair?  I HATE spending time on it.  Ponytails are my style of choice most days (so littles don't tangle up and/or pull it).  And that is just fine.
Now there is a mini-me:

Yep!  Hates hairbrushing.  Has the most gorgeous hair in the world but doesn't want to do anything with it.  She is worse than I ever was.  At least I brushed my hair every day.  This one whines every morning.  I get it, she has thick hair and curls.  It's painful.  Also, putting her hair up gives her migraines.  And apparently if it is not down, her ears get cold and that is the worst - ever.  
While I've had moments where I tried to convince her in the past, there has been more of an effort lately on my part.  We've gotten more hair pretties, looked at more styles, tried different things.  For the most part, she hates them all.  :-)  But here is one who doesn't:

Yep.  Isabelle.  She has discovered a whole new love of ballet buns and other such pretty things.  Well, for about an hour until her pretty straight and thin hair starts to undo whatever do we did.  And this mama doesn't do hairspray.  But until that hour is over, she loves it.

It is funny to see the difference in their hair.  Isabelle even barely had enough hair to get it around the donut.  Abby on the other hand has so much that the donut barely contains it.  Isabelle's ponytail is 3/4" thick and Abby's is 1 1/2" thick.  Abby has thick, curly, unruly hair, Isabelle's is straight and thin.

Another fan of the new hair pretties.  Abby with her typical hairdo.

Hairpretties all over!  She picked what she wanted and then she'd show me where to put them.

A rare day of hair put up.  With her Lego cactus, a Minecraft person and a chicken coop.  She liked the hair bands but then they'd move around and it drove her crazy.

Another day where she put her hair up.

She picked those butterfly clips.  She actually left this in for a while.  

So very, very pretty.  This is a beautiful wooden butterfly clip she picked at the store.  It hold her hair nicely and comfortably.  However, those clips will loosen and have to be re-positioned.  She'll wear it for 45 minutes and then quietly and discreetly put it down in a random spot. 

She is required to at least brush and moisten her hair every day.  We found a brush that is fantastic for her hair and bare ever rips any hairs out (seriously the best brush ever, even for me and Isabelle).  Whatever else she does with it is up to her as long as it looks clean.

Even if she doesn't like any at all, that is ok with me.  She knows her hair is pretty .  How could she not, at least 3 random strangers tell her a day - not even kidding.  When we go to Fred Meyer, people constantly stop to tell her.  She graciously sits in the car and tells them "Thank you."  One time a lady actually told Isabelle she had pretty hair too.  Goodness, it made Isabelle's week.  She ran around all week telling me how the lady told her that her hair was "so beautiful."  

It must have been hard to do hair for a living having a daughter who just didn't want to do much with hair.  Sorry to my mom....

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  1. Nun so ist das mit den Haaren
    Des einen freud des anderen Leid hihi