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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Homeschooling Snippits

Clipboards.  We use those for on the couch writing.  Nathan in particular loves doing school on the couch.  I prefer them writing on the table but when there is just little writing and for bible study, we write on the couch.

Nathan doing his math.  Nathan is such a creature of habit and has still not gotten used to our change from Abeka to Singapore Math (Primary Mathematics).  
Our map in the background.  We do map work through The Story of the World's Activity Guide.  We work with the map to show what area of the world we are talking about.  The map is also regularly used with stories, other books or when people tell us of places they went to.

Our history timeline chart.  This is a section of the chart we are currently working on in history.  We are just finishing up the ancient world.  We have been intensely working with the Roman Empire and Nathan found that his favorite ancient figure is Julius Caesar.  

The little ones play really well together now.  They usually are pretty quiet when we do school except for the occasional days.  It helps that Isabelle has someone to play with now.  It was very hard for her at the beginning of the year when she didn't know how to play with Hannah.

Hanny and Bob.  Yep, the minion whose name she spoke before she ever said "Mama."  Hanny loves Bob.  She sleeps with him frequently, alongside kitties and dogs, whom she equally loves.

Isabelle making a bed for herself.  While we all slave, she is able to take a nap.  Hopefully she knows how lucky she is.  'Cause I want to sleep.  As the Etsy shirt said: "Dear Naps, I'm sorry I was a jerk when I was young."

We use various online sites for math, such as Khan Academy, MobyMax, and others.  Next year I'd like to get the kids a subscription to IXL again.  Here Abby is drilling multiplication.  While she is ahead in her math, she is slow at multiplication and addition.  We are trying to remedy that by drilling every day.

The rest of the history chart.

Some other places where we stopped at recently: The Gupta Empire, China's first emperor.  I love that our program (Story of the World) encompasses all of the world.

Isabelle's reading program.  She started Hooked on Phonics, just like Nathan and Abby before her.  She is doing a great job.  While she is lacking confidence, she can actually read.  I would love to get her reading through the summer.  It would help so much if she could read by the time we are starting homeschooling 3 kids.

This week we are having spring break and I do miss homeschooling.  While I love the fact that I can sleep in, I miss sitting together with my children and learning.  We have found our rhythm and it is working pretty well.  There are things to be adjusted and so we will but for right now, it is pretty awesome.  We were really fortunate to get such good recommendations on curricula and have only exchanged Nathan's spelling program and a small daily reading comprehension program.  Plus, we are adding a small literary genres program.  Everything else, especially the big stuff, has worked out great and both kids and mom love the programs.  And that alone is a feat for Nathan and Abby as they are such opposites.  This is where I think it helped tremendously that they had attended school previously.  They have learned a certain set of expectations and that helps to channel it into the curricula we have picked. 
Looking back at the year so far, it has been exhausting.  But to be honest, they say your first year is your hardest (especially with a little one who likes to leave messes everywhere).  And there were some rough patches as we all got used to homeschooling, mourned the loss of friends from school and were sad that siblings didn't want to play what we wanted to play during recess (at school someone is always available).  Yet we also figured out how to play with our siblings (even younger ones when the older ones didn't want to play), how to entertain ourselves (reading), how to be a helpful part with chores, that homeschoolers almost always get off earlier than regular school children, and quite frankly, that we love homeschooling with each other!


  1. Nathan hat wohl einen schweren Kopf das er ihn halten muß hihi
    Hat Hannah keine Kleider weil sie immer nackig ist?????

  2. Hat die kleider alle dreckig gemacht. Da habe ich sie gerade nackig gelassen!! :-)