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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Pho and Friends

Two years ago, at the beginning of baseball season, we realized that one of the kids on Nathan's team lived on our road!  We didn't even know there were kids in that house.  It was very exciting to realize that there may be a possible friendship for Nathan in the neighborhood as we had always mourned the lack of kids in our street.
Two baseball seasons later and now going into our third together, we have become good friends.  Treuce (Nathan's friend) has a little sister, Eunice, who plays really nice with the girls.  Lintha and Jeff, Treuce's parents, have unfortunately decided to build a house in another town.  This is causing great sadness, especially for Nathan.  This summer, the boys have connected even more than before, so it is sad to see them move.  We'll just have to squeeze all the friendship out of it while they are still here.
One of the things I wanted to learn from Lintha was how to make her delicious Pho.  She is Laotian and makes one mean Pho.  The first time she made it, she had me day-dreaming of the Pho for two whole days!  
We've since made it for other friends as well and they all seem to like it.  It is perfect for entertaining because it makes one big huge pot that can feed an army. Everyone can personalize their bowl to their liking and so it is easy to feed to many people with different tastes.  Your base is basically a beef bone broth (and who doesn't like that?) that you add rice noodles to (also anti-inflammatory - so that is good) and then whatever toppings you choose.  Lintha usually offers different spicy peppers (including Thai), different onions (green and white, chopped), Thai basil, cilantro, lime slices, different sauces (such as Hoisin and Sriracha), meatballs and thinly sliced beef, sugar, dehydrated garlic flakes, chili flakes, and whatever else she has at hand.  It is a feast, to be sure.

Lintha, the fabulous cook and her mother-in-law.

Lintha's son, Treuce, who is more interested in our Wii than his mother's fabulous Pho.  Kids!  :-)

Jeff and Dave enjoying some Pho.  Even Dave loves this and he is as meat and potatoes guy as you will ever meet.  He likes his with noodles, thinly sliced beef, lime juice and no Hoisin.

So, get to know your neighbors!  They may have your next favorite meal cooking.

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  1. siehst du wie schön die leute an deinem esstisch sitzen und platz haben