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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Roller Skating

Abby asked for roller skates for her birthday which her grandfather bought for her.  She had some previously but never really got to learn how to use them.  Determined to change that, her dad has been teaching her and on one of the first nice days, he took her out to let her practice.  Isabelle so badly wanted to go as well that we went and put Abby's old gear on her and let her go as well.

Isabelle had so much fun skating up and down the road with dad.

Abby rolling along all by herself.  She was so happy to use her new skates outside.   Dad did such a great job of teaching her how to do it.  It was funny for me because I simply could not explain it to her without doing it by myself.  Thank goodness Dave knew how to explain it to her and she started practicing in the house right away.

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  1. es sind keine Schlittschuhe sondern Rollschuhe hihi
    ich habe sie als kind geliebt