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Saturday, April 2, 2016


The relationship between Hannah and Isabelle is just lovely to watch as it develops.  Isabelle adores Hannah and wants to smooch her to death.  Or hug her to death.  Or squeeze her to death.  And even though it makes Hannah gringe most times, she still loves Isabelle loving on her (in between the cries for help).  Isabelle on the other hand is also overprotective of Hannah and any kind of danger to the little munchkin is met with loud screams of panic.  This happens multiple times a day.  "MAMA!!!!  Hannah is ......."  Isabelle calls Hannah Little Banana and can never say it without squeezing her and bouncing up and down.
Hannah now usually follows Isabelle, especially in unknown territory such as the baseball fields.  The two love to play Playmobil together and as long as Hannah remembers to not grab Isabelle's figurines, they can play quietly for hours.  Sharing is still hard for Isabelle who is so used to having all toys to herself.  

Hannah is my first little one to patiently watch TV.  I wonder if she does it because she is sitting with Isabelle?  Here Isabelle did one of her famous stag-ups.  Belly loves to put a whole bunch of things in a pile.  In this case to make a super-comfy chair.  Both are dressed up as well (Elsa and Tinkerbell).  Since Hannah can't dress herself, the only deduction must be that Isabelle dressed her.  So sweet.

Always next to each other, always showing each other stuff.  Here Isabelle is showing Hannah her flashlight.  They are also in the playroom where we have a kitchen that they play with a lot.  Hannah loves cutting the food and Isabelle loves to cook.  As long as no one is using the other's stuff, they are good to go.

Isabelle loves doing "This Little Piggy" to Hannah.  

Death by smoochie.  Isabelle's endless love knows no boundaries.  Coincidentally, so does Hannah's screeching for her to stop.

And if she isn't allowed to smooch anymore, she'll go over to tickling, squeezing, and just general squishing.  Love, love, love.  Who was it who said: "Love hurts"?  Bet he didn't have this in mind...  :-)

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  1. Ja Geschwisterliebe ist was schönes, was ich nie kannte :-(
    es ist schön zu sehen wenn sie miteinander spielen