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Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Nathan is at the age where sleepovers are requested more and more.  Many of our friends don't participate in sleepovers but our neighbor, Treuce, is a big fan.  Since we've known his parents for a long time, we agreed to have Nathan spend the night there.  In the past few years, they've had occasional sleepovers.  They probably ask us just about every weekend but it is a rare treat.  On this particular weekend Dave's baseball team had two events at the field and we ended up taking four additional boys to our house in between.  They had a blast (pun intended) with Nerf guns (best investment for boys ever) and played for hours without fighting.  As we returned to the field, the regularly asked question came up and Dave and I agreed, much to the surprise of Nathan.  :-)  Another boy who had spent the day earlier ask to come along and we agreed.  Thanks to Oma we now have a big couch that can actually sleep up to five!  So three boys was no problem.  
Once we had the boys at our house, they immediately went back to Nerf gun fighting, only interrupted by a short Minecraft adventure where the boys shared their built "things" with each other.  Then back to Nerf gun fighting it was.  After a small snack in between, the kids pulled out the couch and settled down with a baseball movie (the Sandlot).  They had a lot of fun and Nathan definitely cherished this boy time. 

Nathan and Logan building a "fort" of sorts at the top of the stairs.  Since there were three boys, they did a great job of splitting up and rotating as to who fought who.

Treuce with the granade launcher.  I'm sure it has a different name.  That's what I call it.

Nathan helping Logan to hide under various blankets and pillows.

As you can see, our house has turned in a Nerf testing ground facility.  Yep, don't buy the Retaliator.   It keeps jamming bullets after a short while.  The Modulus on the other hand is a total hit.  Just ask me if you need to know!

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