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Monday, April 11, 2016

Some of my Favorite Things

One of my two favorite mugs.  That blue is my favorite color.  I love watching cream diffuse into coffee.  When you first splash the cream into the dark brew and the colors tango with one another.  It is just fascinating to me.  Here is the funny part.  Coffee isn't really all that great and I wish I didn't drink it.  Yet I can't get myself to stop.  It's not good for me since I drink more than I should.  But I've lost the love once held by tea, so there is no alternative and that is scary.  What hot beverage can soothe the harshness of a cold morning?  One of my friends has disciplined herself to drinking hot water.  That would be great.  I'd loose a few pounds from not having a ton of creamer.  :-)

Our front window and the lace curtains.  Love lace curtains.  They break the harshness of the sun light and make it look lovely.  Give you enough privacy without taking away your view.

Little things all over my house.  Love those.  And their tiny toes and cute hands and how they sit backwards on the couch.  How they wear their bath robes over their clothes.  How they love turbans on their heads like their mama did before them.  How they are just so squishy and adorable and cute.

Windows!  Love the large windows in our home that make our house so bright.  Plus the window clings that Abby made.  The picture came out bad but the three on the left are frogs, then two dogs, a hot air balloon and an airplane.  They make me happy.  So do bird houses outside that home little birds.  And yes, my windows are dirty.  

Little toes.  The best. 

Love-hate.  Love Nerf guns because no matter how many boys are at your house, they all love to play with these.  Hate them because there are Nerf guns and bullets all over the place.

Love!  The dog.  Cute little smushy face.  He looks sad.  But he isn't.  That is just his face.  His butt always wiggles.

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