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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Friendship Week - Beth

Unfortunately I have no pictures!  Every time we get together, I forget to take pictures.
This spring break we had play dates with our friends every week.  Our first day we met with my friend Beth and her family.  I love Beth.  She is wise and a treasure trove of resources.  Plus, she has kids that match my kids in ages.  With 4 kids, that is pretty awesome.  And our kids get along well! Beth is really the one who inspired me to homeschool.  We met years ago at an Apples of Gold event from our church (if you ever have a chance to go, GO!).  All the women in this group got along so well and Beth, myself and another lady, Kendra, all had kids the same ages (at this time I only had Nathan and Abby).  For the rest of the summer, we'd meet up at a local playground/park and let the kids play while we talked about parenting, school, marriage, faith, cooking and all sorts of important things in life.  Beth has become very dear to me and we try to meet regularly.  She is one of the busiest ladies I know as well.  She is one of the leaders of our local homeschool co-op.  She is part of a life-group and regularly visits her out-of-town family or hosts them.  She keeps up with all of her friends faithfully, especially a group of girls from college. She is loyal to her friends and makes time for all of them, no matter how busy life gets.  This shows in all her close friendships she's kept over the years.  She is a people-oriented person.  (I'm task-oriented, so I learn a lot from Beth.)  She makes meals from scratch.  She homeschools.  We have the same faith.  Her kids are well-behaved and they help daily with housework.  She's one of those super moms whose life couldn't be any busier but yet her life is organized and she does things the right way, no short-cuts.
As you can guess, she is the one I got most of my information about homeschooling.  Beth is very smart (she co-authors math books) but doesn't overdo things.  Exactly what I needed the first year.  I loved the system she went through (a school district in our state who pays for your choice of curriculum as long as you report to them).  She also familiarized me with the writing system we use, the math we use and part of our science curriculum.  We showed me our spelling program and a reading system.  She gave me her weekly planner and helped me write my first student learning plans.  If my kids are all messed up by the end of homeschooling, I'll blame her.  :-)
Beth has four lovely kids: Katiree, who is the oldest, loves to quilt, knit and play volleyball.  Abigail quite enjoys following her older friend and got her love for the Annie soundtrack from Katiree.  Tate and Zane follow next and they love Legos, Nerf guns, basketball and soccer.  Nathan loves to play Nerf guns with them or just run around or bike ride at the park.  Kezia, is Isabelle's side kick and the two of them get along so well.  Kezia also adores baby Hannah.  Always has, ever since Hannah was born and she got to hold her.  Beth's kids are very polite and I have enjoyed watching them grow up over the years.  My kids always look forward to play dates with the A. family.  For a while, when the kids were in school, it was always hard for Abby and Nathan that they couldn't go visit.  Another things that got better through homeschooling.  :-)
Thanks Beth, you are awesome!

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