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Thursday, April 14, 2016

Friendship Week - Tanya

Our Wednesday was reserved for another one of my very, very dear friends: Tanya.  And here I took pictures, just not of her.  I'm not doing well with this.
Nathan met Tanya's son well before I met Tanya.  Nathan and William were together in childcare while Tanya and I did the local Precepts bible studies on Tuesday mornings.  Nathan, at the time, was extremely shy and but hardly talk to other kids.  For some reason he connected with William though and the two would play every time.  Nathan, who also never tells me about things, would actually tell me about William, so I knew who he was.  
After we signed Nathan up for Christian school, Nathan and I went to the open house.  Tanya was there as well and approached me, saying that she knew me from bible study.  We quickly figured out that our boys already knew each other.  For shy Nathan it was such a relief that William would be in his class.  And sure enough, the two were inseparable in Kindergarten.  They were separated in two different classes for second grade but always kept their friendship going.  This was the only negative for Nathan debating homeschooling.  I had to promise that he would still get to see William.
Our families have done many things together over the years.  My favorite though is our summer bible studies.  One day a week they will come over to our house.  I will have tea/coffee and snacks and while the kids all play together, Tanya and I will visit and do a Beth Moore bible study together.  Our last one was Esther and it will be hard to follow up.  We both thoroughly enjoyed it after Tanya picked it based on the cover picture.  :-)  It is wonderful to have a mature Christian friend who views the world through a Christ-centered lens and to hear about parenting decisions that I'm still ahead of (such as dating).  Tanya is very focused on serving and does so through all aspects of life.  Whatever she does, it is always in service to God and to others.  Her husband and her help wherever they can and so do their children.  Our first few bible studies together with our friend Kathy, Tanya's and Kathy's kids all watched my little ones.  They entertained them and played with them and watched them so we could focus on precious bible time.  In return, we donned the nice china and provided tea and snacks.  It was and is always lovely.

Abigail M. with Cody and Isabelle.  They are great with kids and even will get dressed up for them.
While William and Nathan have their special bond, there was another very special bond that happened: Abigail and Abigail.  Tanya's oldest daughter is also an Abigail.  I never forget the first time they met.  Abby (my Abigail, for ease of understanding) was looking forward to meeting William's sister Abigail.  As Abigail M. stood in front of Abby, she had a puzzled look and exclaimed: "I thought you were a lot shorter!"  She hadn't expected a teenager.  Their friendship blossomed over the years and it is lovely to have a great female example for my Abby to look up to.  Abigail M. even has given my Abby some piano lessons.  But now perfect Abigail M. has a major flaw: She started dating.  My Abby is not sure how she feels about that.  I keep telling her how important this is and that this may be Abigail M.'s future husband.  She is gaining a friend, not loosing one.  It is a hard concept to grasp for an 8-year old.

Hannah M. and my Hannah.  Apparently Hannah's have blue eyes....
Tanya's middle daughter is Hannah.  Hannah is a very lovely girl, very quiet and very talented.  She is a great artist who also loves horses.  Hannah is very sweet and loves to sit with adults and listen to them.  She is also very helpful and will watch kids whenever needed.  She always has a smile on her face.  Hannah also enjoys her mother's excellent works of sewing, such as bags.  She has sported some of the nicest school bags that her mom made her.  She feels genuine joy for others, e.g. when we had baby Hannah.  She already has her parent's helpful spirit and babysits during the summer with her older sister, where they not only babysit and entertain kids, but also help with chores.

William and Nathan have an unspoken bond.  They love to be wild boys and play football, which is William's sport.  They will play outside, no matter how rainy or muddy it is (we have the laundry to proof it!).  When they play, all you hear is laughter.  While they play physically, they are never very too wild or break things, which isn't all that common among boys their age as I'm learning.
William is a hard-working young man who is very polite.  He has become quite strong over the years, which at some point really surprised Nathan (when Williams was able to do more pull-ups than Nathan even though he hadn't practiced).  Although William does have one fault: His favorite football team are the Dallas Cowboys....  :-)

flowers from Tanya.

I didn't get a picture of Tanya!  You will have to imagine her just like Beth.  Both Beth and Tanya are very wise.  They are mature in their faith and in their parenting. Both of them are loyal.  Tanya is also a very gifted crafter.  Her works are amazing.  Her craft of choice is sewing but she dabbles in other crafts as well.  She usually gets a table for the Christmas tea at the school every year and goodness, you should see her tables!  They look fantastic.  I love Tanya's love of God's Word, Precepts bible studies and Beth Moore.  :-)  We both ooh and aah over our bible studies and it is fun to have a friend to do that with.  She is gifted when it comes to gift giving (pun intended).  Her family and her always give the perfect gifts for everyone in our family.  They are usually well thought out and match the person and their personality.  I'm grateful that God has granted me such lovely friends and I cherish them deeply.

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