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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Atoms and Such

I love our combo of chemistry from Real Space Odyssey (basic elementary chemistry but loads of hands-on ideas) and Apologia (more in-depth and informative and a biblical perspective).  We are doing both (without the notebooks from Apologia).  Chemistry has been a ton of fun, partly because there are so many fun experiments to do!  Our favorites so far were making an amorphous solid out of cornstarch and water and building of the first ten element atoms out of CANDY.  Yep, that's right, I said candy.
Here is our week on atoms and their make-up.  The kids were assembling the first ten elements as atoms, using caramels as neutrons, red licorice as protons and mini-marshmallows as electrons.  Then they got to eat a fair share.  How much fun is chemistry????

Assembling the elements.

Helium atom - the electrons are white marshmallows on white paper.  And the parts of an atom paper.
When school is this much fun, kids may go crazy....

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