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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Birthday Fun

For Isabelle and Hannah we had a combined birthday party this month.  It's been a rough month, we were in the middle of baseball season, so for this year, that is just what we did.  I love how easy-going birthdays are this time of year as long as it isn't raining.  We just open the back door, and there go all the kids, including dog.  They all have a blast and barely stop to eat.

Isabelle on the swing, Olive, Rosie on the swing, Hannah, the dog, Abby

Best present of the day - empty cardboard roll from the wrapping paper.   :-)

Abby, Isabelle being pushed by Olive, Rosie and Hannah

Apparently leaning over everything is twice the fun.

It may look weird to us but she is having fun.

That is the extend of Hannah's swinging right now.

The girls actually cut some cutters and made themselves a clubhouse in between my two huge hydrangeas, right next to the shed.  They thought it was pretty awesome and cut away. 
I love how they are bonding so well, Abby and Olive and then Rosie and Isabelle.  where will Hannah fit in?  Maybe we'll get another little cousin....  :-)

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