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Monday, May 16, 2016

Concussion #2

May has most certainly not been our month.  David had an appendix scare, we were really worried about Abby's heart (we feel a bit better right now as she doesn't have any issues as of right now), finding out that Abby has severe scoliosis.  To add to all this, Isabelle and Abby woke up vomiting at 5am yesterday.  But the main issue we've been dealing with since last Thursday is Nathan's second concussion.

The family was playing Bocci ball outside and Nathan got hit in the head by a ball that was being tossed to him when he wasn't paying attention.  Hit him in the front left of his head.  He had an intense headache right away.  He actually didn't want to participate in the party anymore as the night went on and all he wanted to do was go this his room and for me to go with him.  After everyone left he went upstairs and got a nose bleed.  Since he never has nosebleeds, we took him to the ER, especially after he told us he got an intense pain in his head right when it started.  There he was diagnosed with a concussion.  Nathan cried on the way home, thinking it was the possible end to his baseball all-star season.

The second day of his concussion, toward evening, we noticed that Nathan did not have full control over his right hand, after dropping a milk jug, game pieces and a spoon.  After talking to the pediatrician on call, he sent us to the ER to make sure there was no bleeding of the brain or swelling.  While the symptoms were perfectly normal within the description of a concussion, they wanted to be sure that they also ruled out any other conditions that those symptoms could be part of.  His CT scan checked out fine but prior to it, Nathan had 2 anxiety attacks, where he checked out, didn't know who we were, where he was and started seeing things, such as a man standing in the corner, his leg changing to red and yellow.  It was some scary stuff, not knowing what was going on and also still waiting on results about possible bleeding in his brain.  We were pretty beat by the end of the night.  This was the one time where the hospital staff was not as great as we normally found them as they never really communicated to us what was going on with him.

Today, day 5 of his concussion, he slept through the night.  Yesterday his headaches were starting to go away for long periods of time.  He still dropped a Gatorade bottle (blue one - all over the carpet....).  Since we aren't having him think yet, we have no idea what else he is not able to do although we can tell already that parts of his recent memory is scrambled (he couldn't remember anything about Abby's heart, insisted that he had been out for baseball practice on day 2 of his concussion, etc.)

In the meantime, it is hard for him to rest (he's learning).  It is even harder to not be allowed to do anything.  No TV, no reading, no coloring, no nothing.  It would be difficult for an adult to do this over a period of 5 days.  Today we are re-checking with his doctor and he is hoping to be released for TV.  :-)  School is at a standstill in the meantime, especially since Abby vomited yesterday.  Overall, I know how hard this is for him and he is having a great attitude.  He has his moments in between where frustration rises but for the most part, he understands we are taking care of him.

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