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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friends - Kids Turn

Our good friends, the O. family recently moved.  We were invited to look at their very cool new house.  Thankfully Ann took some pictures and shared them with us, so I can finally post some pictures of some of the kids' friends.  The blog lacks some of those, so that is a plan for the future.  Some of these families have been our friends for many years and there are no pictures of them here.

Caleb, Nathan and Emit.

This particular family friendship started in 1st grade, where Nathan and Caleb met.  Caleb's mom then felt a strong call to homeschool him and we kept in touch over the years.  When we decided to homeschool, Ann was a great resource of information.  We've been keeping in touch and our families are great matches as they have two girls and two boys and playtime is very easy going.  Anna Ruth and Gracie are matching well in ages, as they are in between Abby and Isabelle.

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