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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Hannah's Days

Here is what a typical day in Hanny's life looks like.  

The largest parts of her day involve playing with the Disney Magiclip Princess dolls.  She loves these and so does Isabelle.  They had their own agreement as to whom played with which.  However, after Isabelle got new ones for her birthday, it has been a struggle every day.  

Hanny loves lining the dresses up on their Melissa & Doug castle.

And then she lines up all the princesses and other guests.  She dresses and re-dresses the girls and now they even talk and interact.  She truly doesn't get tired.  There isn't too much else she plays, other than her sandbox and going outside.  

Reading is a big part of Hannah's day.  She has the most books of any of my babies.  This is one of her favorites:  A fabric alphabet book given to us by the M. family, made by Abby's old art teacher.  It is fabulous and Hannah loves it.

Some other favorites.  The "In The Rain Forest" is a touch-and-feel book and she loves to find animals in there.  Baby Farm Animals is probably her second favorite book.  She also loves all the Bear books.

This is by far Hanny's favorite music CD.  And probably one of mine.  So peaceful and it sings scriptures with beautiful music.  Of all three in this series, it is my favorite.

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