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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Just One Reason Why It's Great to Have a Big Sister

Abby is very crafty.  She loves to make clay figurines/charms, color, draw, snip and glue, etc.  She makes some fabulous things.  While Isabelle often times does not have the patience yet to sit for hours, she sometimes likes to join Abby.  She admires the things her sister comes up with.

On this particular day, they were glancing at the charms book.  Somehow they went on to coloring and Abby taught Isabelle how to make this picture:

Isabelle's copy of Abby's pictures.

Abby's original

Abby helped Isabelle with the bird's wings, feet and tail.  All else Isabelle just copied Abby on.  Amazing, uh?  I thought that was really impressive. But then again, I'm just their mom, I'm biased....

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