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Thursday, May 26, 2016

More Birthday Fun

It is birthday time in our house!  This particular day we celebrated the two youngest girls.  We put our usual garlands up and decorated the house for the girls to find in the morning.

Birthday Cereal
According to David's family tradition, each kid gets to pick their birthday cereal, no matter how sugary, and they get to eat it on their birthday, to share with all the other siblings.  Isabelle chose Lucky Charms.

The new sand.
Oma had gifted Hannah a sandbox for Christmas and grandma gifted Hannah the sand to go in it.  So we took the box outside, found some room for it and the girls LOVED it!  So did the bigger girls.  :-)

Abby is just so great about playing with her younger siblings.

The man recording it all.

Grandma enjoying the outdoors

Hanny also scored a baby swing.  Uncle Chris giving her a ride in it.  She literally sat in it for hours, even when no one was swinging her.  She just loved it.

Hannah, taking her swinging very seriously.

I asked Isabelle what kind of a cake she'd want for her birthday.  We browsed Pinterest and I was going to limit the selection when she picked the most simplest of cakes EVER!  Yeah!  All I had to get was the blue sugar rock candy.  We already had Elsa, so this was easy, peasy.  She loved it.

Isabelle had literally been waiting for months.  Since November she had been asking me weekly when it was going to be her birthday.  Weekly.  Two nights before, she couldn't handle it anymore and got really cranky.  
The day of her birthday was torture for her to wait until everyone was there.  Thankfully my mom is on German time and she got to hear a bunch of German's singing "Happy birthday" off key.  She also got to unwrap her Bird Bingo, Primary Science Lab, Ariel Magiclip Princess and a pattern book from Oma.  
Hanny got her outdoor baby swing which was a hit.
The girls spent the rest of the day doing science and playing bird bingo.  Isabelle held on tight to her new princess.
After much waiting, Olive and Rosie finally showed up and that was by far the best part of the day.  They played outside and had a blast together.  They made a clubhouse in the hydrangeas, being led by the fearless Abigail who handled all the cutting away of my beloved flowers.  :-(  This is why you check on your kids and don't assume they were talking about the wild roses by the shed.
For dinner Isabelle got to pick what she wanted and she decided on drumsticks, corn and mashed potatoes.  Dave was quiet happy about that.
On Isabelle's wishlist: stufties and she wanted people to pick which ones (Olive and Rosie got her a Zebra - Zoe and a Tiger - Tundra), a barking and moving dog from Grandma along with candy and matching tutu dresses for Isabelle and Hanny, Berenstein Bear books from Mom & Dad along with an antfarm with book, Berenstein Bears phonic set, Jim Weiss CDs (Shakespeare and Arabian Nights), A Mercer Meyer book, a bird toy from Uncle Mike, roller skates from Grampy, a matching fabric doll from Abby (a set for Hannah and Isabelle) and her favorite Magiclip princess Aurora from Nathan.
Hanny scored as well, getting sand from Grandma along with candy and a book and a puzzle, little puppies from Nathan (Calico Critter babies), fuzzy animals from Uncle Mike, sandbox toys from uncle Chris, CD 1 and 2 from Hannah's favorite music from Mom and Dad (Hidden in my Heart by Jay Stoker), a Tag Junior with 5 books, a little girl piano from Grampy and Playdoh from Auntie Megan and Uncle Rusty.
In addition, the kids were gifted by the Matsons and Staffords.  So many presents for such little ones.  But most of all, so much love for such lovely little ladies.

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