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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Outdoor Play

The outdoor season is officially open!  This is particularly helpful for homeschooling.  We were really excited for the sun to come out early this year and by now, we have a few outside attractions (like the little water tub in the pictures) that the kids love.  Hannah also got a sandbox from Oma and sand from Grandma and a baby swing from Oma, so that all adds to the charm.  But to be honest, all they need is a yard.
This was actually not a sunny day.  It cracked me up because it was such a lousy day.  It literally started thundering and raining 5 minutes after the pictures.  But Hannah took the opportunity to take a bath in her water table.  Isabelle then thought it was a great idea but I took her out before she got soaked.  I'm a party pooper.

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