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Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Essential Isabelle at 5

Things Isabelle Says Frequently:
  • "Did you know I like...."
  • "Abby is being mean to me"
  • "I love you, mama."
  • "Can you tuck me in?"
  • "What else is there?" (her question every morning when I ask her if she wants yogurt with sprinkles)
  • "Yogurt with sprinkles!" (her answer every morning in regards to what she'd like for breakfast after I list all other options)
  • "HANNY!!!" (a disagreement about toys)
  • "When can I....?"
  • "Can I have candy?"
  • "When can I have candy?"
  • "When is it my birthday?" (not lying, she's been asking once a week minimum since October last year)
  • "Why can't I......"

Things Isabelle Does Frequently:
  • Playing with Hannah.  Either with their Disney Magiclip Princesses or other little figures and usually our Melissa and Doug wooden castle.
  • Goes and plays in the backyard.
  • Likes to read and earn stickers.
  • Likes to take baths.
  • Doesn't like swim lessons
  • Likes to play with Copper and the tennis ball
  • Likes to watch shows
  • Loves to eat Popsicle

    Makes the funniest faces

    Is such a cutie patootie and just a sweet-sweet girl.

    Still plugs her nose with her fingers when she is tired.

    Most days, she likes pretty hair

    Adores her older siblings

    Is just plain funny.

    Is also very physical.
    Enjoys school work.

    Quite the fan of dress-up.

    Can pout really well.

    Adores her dada.  And enjoys a good dress.

    She likes being an older sister.  As long as they agree on toy distribution.  Here she dressed Hannah and herself up.

    Has a great smile.

    And more funny faces.  Always up to something.

    Has the cutest toes in the whole wide world.
Shows:  Sophia the First, Wild Kratts, Super Friends (she rarely gets to watch this one but is obsessed with it for some reason)
Books:  Little Bear, The Berenstein Bears, "books with animals, not people"
Clothes:  She likes anything she deems a "princess dress" 
Foods:  Yogurt.  Frozen or other.  Berries, chicken.  Definitely not sandwiches.  "I hate them".
Drinks:  Chocolate milk, Gatorade
Activities:  She likes to be physically active, run around, climb around, go to playgrounds.
Sports:  She'd love to play T-ball next year but also wants to do ballet.  Decisions, decisions.
Things to do:  Coloring, Playdoh, 

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