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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Travel Tourney

Earlier this year we traveled with a travel baseball team to a tournament in Washington State.  The tournament unfortunately got cancelled because of rain.  
A few of the families had arrived early the night before and three of us decided we didn't want to travel all the way home.   We had the hotel booked for 2 nights and all decided to stay and just let the kids have a good time.  And that they did.  The hotel had a pool which was abundantly used and was loads of fun, especially for our girls, who got to spend a lot of time in the pool with dad.
We were glad we had decided to stay.  It was a lot of fun and very relaxing.   The guys (Dave, Gabe and Hern) got all their baseball talk in and the kids had a blast.  They got to know each other better and bonded.  The girls had a ton of fun and got special time with dad and mom, who really had nothing to do other than spend time with them.  We all returned relaxed and happy.

Camden, Nathan and Aidan.  Red Robin was a fun burger place with yummy food.
Nathan, Keagan, Aidan, Drake

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