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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trouble With Boys

We knew this day would come.  But at four, almost five years of age????

While walking through the Dollar store, Isabelle leaves through a coloring book: "Oooooooooh....Look at the prince, he's handsome.  He's a sweetie, He's a pie!"

When doing school, suddenly the music in the room above us starts blasting music from the newer version of Annie.   As I enter the room, I ask Isabelle why the music is so loud.
Isabelle: "We are having a party (stands up with her hand on her hip and tilts her head)......With boys."

Where is she getting this?  None of her older siblings even have anything on their radar.  They are still in the boys/girls-have-germs stage.  Yep.  We are in trouble!  Serious trouble.

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  1. jaja jedes kind ist anders hihi
    der eine früh der andere spät