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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Abby at Her Rehearsal

I took some pictures of Abby prior and during her final rehearsal.  Her ballet piece was, as always, amazing.  I love the school she goes to  This year's performance was titled "The Nativity" and it was beautiful!  
Abby practiced hard and it showed. She picks things up so fast.  It was really neat to watch her go through her practices and improve and embracing ballet so much more. 
Her school is a Christian ballet school whose mission is to bring glory to God through dance.  They do a fantastic job and I'm so glad Abby is able to be part of such a wonderful organization.
 Great job, girl!  You are amazing and we love you!

Abby was part of a group of 4 shephards.  Unfortunately Ellie got sick the morning of the performance.  :-(  Here is Ellie next to Abby.  Elyse and Ainsly along with Abby made it to their performance.  The shephards were elated to find out that their group danced with the adorable little sheep (the littlest ballerinas and obviously the cutest). 
Abby's song was so very beautiful and my favorite.

Abby taking pre-rehearsal pictures in our garden.  The grass needs some TLC...

My beautiful and kind loving girl.

And yes, the gorgeous hydrangeas in the background sure do make for a stunning photograph.  I love hydrangeas.

Abby has a love/hate relationship with her make-up. She hates having her eyes done but she does love lipgloss.  :-)

Abby also loves her costumes.  She was very excited that now she has enough for all the cousins and sisters to dress up at the same time.  She has 3 recital costumes and then Isabelle and Hannah have two costumes they can wear.  All girls are covered!  Next year we'll get two more, since Isabelle has been adoring her big sister for years and is counting the days to start ballet.  It'll be amazing to see the both of them together.

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