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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snapshots with Tonya

My friends Tonya loves the Snapshots App and we have come to love it ourselves.  In short, it figures out where your face is and does something to it.  Some of them you can do with two people.  While I'm quite fascinated, Hannah loves it.  She loves it so much so, that no matter how upset she is, if Tonya waves her phone and asks her to look at pictures, she'll go right on Tonya's lap and peacefully look into the screen (as evidenced by the pictures below).  Here are some screenshots that Tonya sent.

Two beautiful ladies with blue, blue eyes.  And that peaceful look mentioned above.

Look at those baby blues.
Apparently this one amused me.

Being a puppy must not be as fun as imagined.  Or maybe it is a look of contentment?

Hannah seems to like being a bee!

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sandlandians Versus Infinites

Nathan and Abby built a city that very quickly got eaten up by the waves.  They rushed to save their "citizens" and then built another city.  Foolishly by the sea again.  Or wait, maybe they enjoyed this fight?  They tried to built the strongest stronghold with 3 walls around it.  Here is the last wall .

It's all over.  Don't you love how people with cameras just stand by and take pictures???  See shadow.

Second wall is taken down by the waves.  It's a downhill battle.  Smart rulers would evacuate.  Save yourselves!!!

Fortify the wall!  Quick Abby, get more sand.

Second wall is a goner.

First water coming into the city.

Even Isabelle got into the action.  Dave had told Hannah that there were fishies in the water and it freaked her out.  She was screaming at her dad to get away from the water.  It was really cute.  And loud.

The Kind and the Queen.  Thankfully they and their children were saved.  Everyone else drowned.  Tragic.

Family Days.

We stayed in Ocean Shores, WA for a few days and had a great time.  It was truly just what the doctor ordered.  We loved it!  Sand, sun, water, doesn't get much better than that.  And we got to see deer with babies and baby seagulls!  How awesome is that?

Bummer, the "citizens" are drowning.  After much hard work, water always wins.

Almost.  That was a close one.

Building a great city for the sandlandians.

Hannah super excited.

The man and I love the beach.

We had a huge loot.  This is some of it.  Dad found the best ones.

The cutie patootie.

Charming daddy into buying her that snake.  He did.  :-)

Isabelle showing Hanny how to work with sand.  She's such a great big sister.

Hanny loved that hole and lying down in it.  However, she had to close her eyes.  

The boy enjoyed this down time.

I love these people!  Plus the man behind the camera.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Friends At The Baseball Fields...

One of my favorite things about baseball is the community we have.  There are so many kids that are growing up together at the baseball fields and so many intertwined relationships.  Throw in some sun and a gorgeous park and summer is awesome.  
What is really striking me this year is how all of Nathan's friends are reacting to his sisters.  It seems this is the first year that not only Nathan's relationships with his friends are really independent, but also those of his sisters.  Here is our very dear friend Aidan giving little Hanny a hug.  I love how the big boys bent down to meet these tiny girls and gently hold them and soak up the hugs.  I also love our shy Hanny's expression of security and feeling loved. 
 And yes, she picked her own outift...

Photocredit: Tanya A.  Thank you!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

First Ever Over the Fence Homerun!!!

Last week Nathan made family history.  He became the first W. ever to hit a homerun over the fence in a game.  It has been a long time coming as he has been hitting the ball over the fence in practice quite a bit.  Just never in a game.  It was awesome, especially since it was during an all-stars game.
Dave's proudest moment was when Nathan came to him afterwards and asked if he had rounded the bases quickly enough to not seem full of himself and also if it was ok to do a fist pump right before hitting home plate.  :-)  Humble is what we preach.
Great accomplishment.  Just look at his face, says it all.

Photocredit: Chrystal & Rich S.  Thanks guys!