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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Family Days.

We stayed in Ocean Shores, WA for a few days and had a great time.  It was truly just what the doctor ordered.  We loved it!  Sand, sun, water, doesn't get much better than that.  And we got to see deer with babies and baby seagulls!  How awesome is that?

Bummer, the "citizens" are drowning.  After much hard work, water always wins.

Almost.  That was a close one.

Building a great city for the sandlandians.

Hannah super excited.

The man and I love the beach.

We had a huge loot.  This is some of it.  Dad found the best ones.

The cutie patootie.

Charming daddy into buying her that snake.  He did.  :-)

Isabelle showing Hanny how to work with sand.  She's such a great big sister.

Hanny loved that hole and lying down in it.  However, she had to close her eyes.  

The boy enjoyed this down time.

I love these people!  Plus the man behind the camera.

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  1. hoffe du hast dich etwas erholen können
    schöne Bilder