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Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sandlandians Versus Infinites

Nathan and Abby built a city that very quickly got eaten up by the waves.  They rushed to save their "citizens" and then built another city.  Foolishly by the sea again.  Or wait, maybe they enjoyed this fight?  They tried to built the strongest stronghold with 3 walls around it.  Here is the last wall .

It's all over.  Don't you love how people with cameras just stand by and take pictures???  See shadow.

Second wall is taken down by the waves.  It's a downhill battle.  Smart rulers would evacuate.  Save yourselves!!!

Fortify the wall!  Quick Abby, get more sand.

Second wall is a goner.

First water coming into the city.

Even Isabelle got into the action.  Dave had told Hannah that there were fishies in the water and it freaked her out.  She was screaming at her dad to get away from the water.  It was really cute.  And loud.

The Kind and the Queen.  Thankfully they and their children were saved.  Everyone else drowned.  Tragic.

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