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Thursday, July 28, 2016

Snapshots with Tonya

My friends Tonya loves the Snapshots App and we have come to love it ourselves.  In short, it figures out where your face is and does something to it.  Some of them you can do with two people.  While I'm quite fascinated, Hannah loves it.  She loves it so much so, that no matter how upset she is, if Tonya waves her phone and asks her to look at pictures, she'll go right on Tonya's lap and peacefully look into the screen (as evidenced by the pictures below).  Here are some screenshots that Tonya sent.

Two beautiful ladies with blue, blue eyes.  And that peaceful look mentioned above.

Look at those baby blues.
Apparently this one amused me.

Being a puppy must not be as fun as imagined.  Or maybe it is a look of contentment?

Hannah seems to like being a bee!

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