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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

First Day of School, 2016-2017 School Year

Today went much better than I had thought.  Adjusting to waking up early and having to do school again, I thought I'd have some whiny kids.  But it went really well.  Mom was probably more cranky than anyone, saying good-bye to the lazy days of summer.  Realizing how much work was ahead of me and that there isn't enough time in the days to get it all done, was overwhelming.  Especially on a day with little sleep.  Hopefully, that is an indication of the rest of the year.

First day of school officially for this little one.  While she's been learning to read and write and has done some math already, today was her first ever official day of school!

She wasn't excited at all.  Not a teeny, tiny bit.

Big girl in third grade.  Hopefully this year will be much better for her.

The Schultute!  A German tradition that all children love.  :-)  Mine are no exception.  It was hard for this girl to finish all her work and wait until the end of the day to open this treasure.

Schultute is also a great head covering.

An even better hat.

And all the great goodness inside!

5th grade!  My, time is flying by.  This handsome young man had a great first day.

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  1. Erster Schultag wie aufregend vor allem für Isabelle
    Schultüte ist was herrliches