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Sunday, August 14, 2016

First Ever T-Ball Practice

First ever T-ball practice for Isabelle with her dad at our local baseball fields.  She had a blast but really, the main focus is on "listen to your coach and pay attention."  Isabelle wants me to write: "I love it."  "And I love catching and I love throwing and I love batting."  "And say that I'm Isabelle."  She had a blast.  Thanks to my amazing man who is such a kind and patient coach and takes the time to teach his kids, not just about baseball, but about life.  I love you.

And yes, that is a Mako that was on clearance for $8 at Sports Authority.  Nathan is very jealous.  :-)

I just love that smiling face while she is throwing.  What a cutie.

And look at those base-running skills!  She is looking at her basecoach already!

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  1. sie macht eine gute Figur
    hat sie sich bestimmt gefreut das es endlich soweit ist