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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Birds - A Poem By Abby

Nathan was so impressed with Abby's poem, that he told me I should post it on Facebook. So here is Abby's poem, just as she spelled it:

Birds. by Abby

Birds, oh birds,
so swwet and so cute!
And when they tweet,
They sound like a flute!
Birds are so pritty,
and come in all shapes and sizes.
And lots of times are
full of funny surprises!
There's the Nutcracker, Robin, Honybirds too.
Chickadies, Finches, I like those birds too!
There's Tocans in the jungle
Pienguins in the snow!
Pienguins can't fly,
It's funny, I know!
I like all birds,
so funny, so sweet,
and I like the way
that they go tweet tweet!
Bless God for making the
pairots that speak
and making the Puffens
with there rounded beak!

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