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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Random Catch-up

I have all these pictures saved to do posts on eventually....and time is just flying by.  So I took single ones out of the folder and just uploaded them so they'll finally get posted before I get too far behind.

When Oma was here, she brought a straightening brush for Abby to use.  This is the straightened hair.  Looks so different!  That girl has some thick, thick hair, so this took a loooong time to do.  Abby generally hates doing her hair.  She has very sensitive skin and thick, curly, tangled up hair.  I get it.  But it has been frustrating us both over the years.  Now she is finally settling down with a good book while I do her hair and just lets me get it done.  She barely protests anymore.  Yeah!

Cute stuff got away from me and decided to sit in my seat instead of her own.  Her proud face was just too cute to not take a picture of.

Buddies hanging out.  Treuce's grandpa had just passed away and according to their traditions, he had shaved his head and eyebrows.  They got to play on the same team for their last season that Treuce was living in our street.

Another cutie with her favorite toy.  This toy phone from a kitchen is by far her favorite.  She always finds it and carries it around with her.  Strangely enough, she's never actually on the phone.

Daddy reading Hannah one of her favorite books.  She loves the sounds the animals make.  And dad is a master at making animal sounds.  That girl is the biggest daddy baby out of all our kids.  She just squeels when she sees him and when I put her to sleep (or do any other such mean things), she calls to him for help.

The dog.  Relaxing and watching over my flowers.  Such a good dog.

Dress-up day.  Abby has been wearing her hair in these cute twirls on the side and it looks really cute.  In her hand, the Kindle.  I bought it for reading but truly, I never have it and my family uses it for games.  What a bust.  I realized that holding an actual book in my hands is so much more rewarding, for me at least. 

And another little dress-up.

Hannah dressed up by putting stickers on her face.  She loved it.

Isabelle doing her favorite 100-piece Ravensburger puzzle and eating her favorite yogurt.  With sprinkles, I'm sad to say.  And all dressed up.  This girl secretly thinks she's a princess.  She must dress up always.  When I put her in simple jeans, she is NOT happy with me.  Dresses all the way.  The dressier, the better.

These bagels don't look like much, but man were they good.  We made them twice now.  Fantastic book - The Bread Bakers Apprentice.  

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